“1903 Ford Model A” 2

As many of you who follow me know. I’ve been working through a mountain of automobile images. I decided to post just one more car image here, then after that it will back to our regularly scheduled programming. No seriously, I’ll get back into more nature images!! I think I’m about Car-d out LOL!! ;)

I did find this car here to be of quite a bit of interest though. A 1903 Ford Model A, in fact the only one still surviving. The details are fantastic, and of course beautifully cared for. Shiny red paint, white tires with red spokes on the wheels. Plus a beautiful brass steering wheel and horn!! Truly a marvel from 110 years ago!!

I hope you enjoy this image, and if you’re a car lover. I have many images of different types of cars and their details on my site. So for now, until the next auto show, or maybe a muscle car show, I think I’ll stick to nature, landscapes, and maybe an abstract here and there!! ;)

Vintage Ford Model A

Vintage Ford Model A

Loving nature, and the world around me. I always have! I try to capture what I see, and feel to share it with you. My photography subjects are mostly landscape and nature oriented, but I do branch out in many directions when the the occasion comes up. Enjoy what you see here, but leave it be. These images are under the laws of copyright, they are the sole property of Rachel Cohen, RCNaturephotos, Rachel Cohen Photography. "All Rights Reserved"

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4 comments on ““1903 Ford Model A” 2
  1. Len says:

    Very cool balst from the past Rachel.

  2. I want that!! I would love to bomb around in that baby! What a beautiful automobile Rachel, very nicely photographed!!

  3. […] 1903 Ford Model A – an now for something completely different…  Rachel Cohen who shared the shot of the Corvette above takes us back 110 years to check out an original Model “A”.  These old classics truly exude the best character, showcasing great flowing lines, details and brass fittings to add an element of class. […]

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